Providing mobile marine services to South Jersey and surrounding areas


Services Include but not limited to

-Bottom Painting

-Shrink Wrap

-Delivery Captains

Private Boat Lessons

-Barrier Coat & Painting for Soda Blasted Boats



All TowBOAT US Unlimited Card Holders (Including new members who sign up) Receive 5% off their Bill if yo store your boat with us


Military Discounts - Active Duty or Retired - 5% off your bill if you store your boat with us


Refer someone to us and you will get $30 off your winterization / storage bill.  Unlimited Referrals!!


We are proud to offer Marine Services Winterization, Shrink Wrapping, Delivering

-Blocking up your boat can all be done right in your driveway or yard if you do not wish to store the boat with us.


Haul-outs on your trailer or our Hydraulic Trainer - (Includes getting your boat from slip, haul out, power-washing bottom, transport to storage yard, and blocking up). Our trailer can hold up to a 26' boat. We will bring your boat from the slip to the ramp for no additional charge.


Storage in our yard (Secure yard with Video Surveillance) on your trailer


Storage in our yard (No trailer, blocked up)


Shrink Wrap - (Includes mildew bags). If you bring the boat to our shop.


Winterize Salt Water Systems


Winterize Fresh Water Systems


Winterization - Includes fogging motor, spraying motor down with crc, lower unit oil change, fuel treatment, lube steering, prop shaft and grease all points. (Note: Prices are the same for all 2 and 4 stroke outboards)



3 Cyl

4 Cyl

6 Cyl

8 Cyl



4 Cyl

6 Cyl

8 Cyl


We also winterize wave-runners/jet-skis


Mobile Shrink Wrapping


Just Like bottom painting in the spring, we can come right to your driveway or yard and shrink wrap your boat. for Cape May County.  We do travel all over South Jersey. A small fuel charge may be added for other places.  This year, to help with Mobile Shrink Wrapping, and to get boats done faster we have added another service truck.  Please note, we cannot and will not wrap boats when it is windy.

Please be patient